60% of B2B companies enhance their investment in online video

60% of B2B companies enhance their investment in online video

The start of the new year imposes new budget planning and design for companies. In the case of B2B, more than half (52.2%) I have decided to increase resources for marketing area in 2014, as stated in Advertising Age.

According to BtoB Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans, the percentage of companies that this year will increase its budget is significantly higher than it did the same in 2013 (52.5% vs 48.7%). Instead, it should clarify that the percentage of the increase will not be very high. Only 36.4% of the companies surveyed intend to increase the budget of the marketing area by more than 10%.

B2B textThe data point to 2014 as the year in which the B2B will the great leap from the traditional to digital marketing. No less than 38.7% of respondents allocate at least a third of its budget to online marketing, 8.7% more than last year.

Overall, B2B have the firm intention of betting on digital media this 2014. Up to 80% of them devote more resources, which means 13% more than in 2013.

If we analyze what digital marketing actions will receive greater financial injection, we can see that companies have plans to strengthen its presence in all of them, except on the web, an area that will have a 4% fewer resources than in previous years. Furthermore, the video is among the favorites for 2014. The 60% of B2B strengthen its investment in online video, which is 7.9% more than the previous year. Meanwhile, the couple budget webcasts and webinars will also rise by 9.4% compared to 2013.

These organizations are also very present in your content marketing budget. Thus, 3 out of 4 strengthen its resources in this regard. Specifically, this investment will focus on the distribution of content across social platforms (78%), representing 12% more than in 2013.

Last but not least, Ad Age’s survey also includes the efforts of B2B mobile marketing, whose presence greatly increases this year. If in 2013 only 21% of respondents considered this area as a priority, this year 47% of them highlighted the importance of using mobile platforms in order to increase brand presence. There is still much progress in this medium; 61.3% of the companies surveyed does not include mobile in their marketing strategy.