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Celebrating Your A-level Results in Somerset

So you’ve just received your all-important A-level results and are in the mood to go out. What should you do to celebrate or commiserate? There are many places in Somerset where you can let your hair down after two years of hard work, and here are some ideas to help get you and your friends on the way to a great night (even if the only thing worth celebrating is the end of your course!).

Celebrating Your A-level Results in Somerset

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1. Chicago Rock Café

Situated on Stars Lane in Yeovil, this buzzing bar is brilliant for cheap drinks. Coincidentally, Thursday night has a ‘Quids In!’ theme which means that entry and all drinks cost just £1 respectively. Chicago Rock Café will surely have watered the students of Yeovil College year upon year since it opened in 2013, as well as other students in the region looking to be merry or drown their sorrows!

2. The Bear Inn

The Bear Inn is a local drinking place for Strode College students but it boasts some great features that will appeal to all students in the area. It has a spacious interior that can easily accommodate a crowd and is known as one the best pubs in the area. If you’re feeling down in the dumps about your results, be reassured by Jeremy Clarkson who recently tweeted that he got a C and two Us, yet he has done OK for himself. If those wise words don’t help, at least you can double up on spirits for just £1.50!

3. County Ground Taunton

If you are looking for a more private affair that you can share with your year group or a select group of friends and family, why not consider venue hire in Taunton, such as County Ground Taunton (http://www.countygroundtaunton.co.uk/). Many halls and venues offer great facilities that can be tailored to suit your needs, whether a formal or informal event. You can also benefit from catering services to ensure that all of the guests are well-fed before the festivities begin.

Now that you have completed your last day of obligatory education, there are no more school buses, classes, homework (well, for the summer at least). You have done all that you can to secure a place at university or your first real job, which means that you can now relax with a worry-free night. Enjoy!

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