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What you might need a planning map for

Maps vary in scale and detail but if you are looking for something really in depth then you need to look at a planning Map. Planning Maps can be purchased from https://www.themapshop.co.uk/planning_maps_online.htm. They will allow you to look at the surrounding area in great detail so that you can pick out the layout and building shape of the house and landscape around you. It will give you a good idea of the detail of your local area so that you can get around a lot easier.

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The main reason that people usually want to have Planning Maps are if they are hoping to have an extension added or to even, possibly build a new house or even a series of houses on a plot. In many cases some houses have a generous amount of garden and this could accommodate several new constructions if the old is demolished or an access road is built around the home so that the existing garden can be converted into an estate.

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These moves have not been without controversy. Many residents are unhappy that they can go from having spacious gardens, with considerable light access, to suddenly finding a mini house estate being built on next door. This is why the Government moved to make the building of such areas as much harder to do. However with housing still very much a premium it seems as if the planning map will still be sought after.

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