Seven charming rural lodgings in the heart of Galicia

Seven charming rural lodgings in the heart of Galicia

The holidays are there and if you still do not have very clear where to go but you want the tranquility of a rural stay here we have a few ideas that surely you can love. The idea is to look for something different but that makes us fall in love and that makes our rest days unforgettable. Today’s proposal is seven charming rural accommodations in the heart of Galicia.

Although they can tell you that bad weather is always not true and if that were the case we know how to replace enchanted places, tree-filled fragas of more than 300 years, houses among vineyards, pazos with wonderful stories and even lighthouses in which to feel the sea beating against your window. Galicia is like that, land of contrast, green, wild beaches and good food.

Quinta de San Amaro

In the Salnés Valley, in the heart of the Rías Baixas is the Quinta de San Amaro, a rural wonder restored with care and in which love is appreciated everywhere. Each and every room has a different decoration, with all the charm of the world. There is also a room with terrace and views of all the vineyards of the valley and a colonial that is an authentic beauty.

The owners make the stay a complete and wonderful experience, offering you the possibility of a multitude of parallel activities ranging from massages to visits to wineries, passing through the importance of gastronomy. Not only is there good eating and drinking, there are also cooking workshops. And the bathrooms in the pool at nightfall are delightful. The stays in Meaño are not forgotten, I tell you from experience.

Casa Rosalía Gastronomic Hotel

We are in Galicia, so combining gastronomy and rural is what touches, this time we go to the neighborhood of Santiago, the Hotel Casa Rosalía Gastronomic. An old farmhouse over 250 years old with an annex building with more modern decoration. The rural house still has the structure of stone and wood of the original building and there is the reception, the cafeteria, the restaurant, the breakfast room and a social lounge where you can enjoy the winter evenings in the warmth of the fireplace.

Its unbeatable location in Brión means that you have easy access to almost all of Galicia. As we told you, gastronomy plays an important part and, in addition to its restaurant, it facilitates the possibility of other activities related to good eating and drinking. Swimming pool, garden and rooms decorated with care, that is what you will find.

Hotel Aldea Rural Couso Galán

In this case it is the surprise that it is not a hotel in itself, nor a rural house only, but that you will be lodged in a whole rural village, having a lot of houses to choose from, more or less noisy or far away. The village Couso Galán is in Sarreaus, very close to Verín, belonging to the province of Ourense.

There is all the intimacy that can be provided by living in your own isolated house but all the comforts of feeling accompanied and certainly perfect for large celebrations such as weddings, since all the guests can be hosted and make the celebration something that lasts more of the day marked.

Isla Pancha Lighthouse

Galicia is also the land of the sea, of the thousand lighthouses and to stay in one, although it is not a rural house to use it is something that you have to live once in your life. The Pancha Island Lighthouse. In the most external part of the Ría de Ribadeo, just 2 km from the center of the town of the same name is Isla Pancha, where there is a dominant lighthouse since 1857. In 1983 it ceased to be used for the construction of a new one and since 2013 it has been authorized to be used as a tourist accommodation.

They are only two apartments with capacity for 4 people each, but independent and with private garden area too, with the sea touching your feet and all the comforts you could want. The beaches are very close , including the famous As Catedrais, which are controlling tickets to protect it and also offer parallel activities such as golf, hiking, bike rental … I do not know, I would like to sit and look out to sea.

Pazo do Souto

And if we are the land of the thousand beacons, we are also one of the thousand pazos, so it is also de rigueur to choose one. The Pazo do Souto is a charming accommodation in Galicia, built in 1672 by the Marquis of Montenegro, on a medieval tower, in an old Celtic fort. I think that with that we are already convincing you, and that we have not yet talked about the environment, the quality and the painstaking service. It is in Carballo, a stone’s throw from Costa da Morte and very close to Santiago and Coruña.

The imposing Pazo (large house, chapel, loft and cypress, pazo is) is in a walled estate of 25,000 m2, full of green vegetation, with many chestnut trees and perfect to walk the cool at sunset. Offer 13 rooms with a guarantee of 13 different experiences.

To Torre de Laxe

We are going to innovate and continue in Costa da Morte. It is what you have, that you fall in love with us. A Torre de Laxe is again a rural complex, it is not just a building but a perfectly greased set of different houses from different eras. His concept is “rustic hotel” and we love it. The part of the hotel are 7 rooms, each with a very Galician name, in a listed building of 1934, each with its special charm and decorated with restored antique furniture.

If what you prefer is a house for you only there you have 6 houses or apartments, each one different according to the needs that you have, in contact with nature and with all care to detail. Little must be said of Costa da Morte : lighthouses, routes, wild beaches, Celtic villages and dolmens. And food, especially good food.

Fervenza Casa Grande

This wonderful house of A Fervenza is in the middle of a fraga with oaks of more than 300 years. Facing an old mill of the seventeenth century and the banks of the river Miño, being a protected enclave. It is the perfect place to seek tranquility in the province of Lugo and lose yourself practicing hiking, mountain bikes or canoeing down the river.

There are nine rooms in which there is no lack of detail , decorated in rustic style and also has a restaurant of recognized prestige, there is a library and rooms and if you ask, it is very likely that you can take your pet.