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Carnevale Ambrosiano, the most fun carnival in Italy

Today begins one of the funniest carnivals in Italy: the “Carnevale Ambrosiano”. For centuries, this carnival is distinguished from others because it lasts four more days. The Ambrosiano begins when the Roman carnival is finished. Although it is celebrated in all the region of the Lombardy, it is in Milan where the majority of events are concentrated.

Carnevale Ambrosiano, the most fun carnival in ItalyThe “Carnevale Ambrosiano” has been celebrated for centuries in the region of Lombardy, although it is in Milan where there are more events, events and parties. The peculiarity of this carnival is that it lasts four days more than normal. Why does it last four more days? The Milanese tradition tells that St. Ambrose was on a pilgrimage outside the city, so he asked the citizens of Milan to postpone the beginning of Lent, so that they could return on time and celebrate together. So the carnival lasted for a few more days. This tradition continues in force today.

During the carnival the streets of the city center are flooded with partying and fun, especially the last day. On March 4th there will be the traditional parade of floats and a show in Piazza Duomo (at night). Both children and adults are disguised as the strangest possible forms or typical characters of the carnival. Traditional masks also have a major role.

The local personage of the carnival Ambrosiano is Meneghino (protagonist of a fable of Milan), a humble servant who makes fun of the nobles and rich of the city. It is tradition to dress Meneghino, his representation consists of a long jacket, shorts, stockings with red and white stripes and a hat with 3 tips. It is also very typical to eat “chiacchiere”, a sweet typical of the carnival season.

The Ambrosiano carnival is celebrated from February 28 to March 4, 2017.

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