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How to ‘make it yourself’

When it comes to gift-giving, the latest trend is to try to create a unique and bespoke handmade gift. The best advice is to start as early as you can to avoid stress further down the line. That way you have time to run back to the store if you run out of supplies, or you can have a back-up plan if you have any crafty mishaps. It’s also easier and much more enjoyable to craft while not under pressure, and you’ll avoid silly mistakes if you’re lounging around as opposed to frantically hot-gluing something the night before.

If you are short of time then minimise your ideas to something that is actually attainable in the time you have to spare. You might also want to stick to something that you’ve made before and you know you can master with confidence otherwise you’ll be disappointed with the results and would probably rather put a “Secret Santa” label on it.

If you have a lot of people on your list this year, the best way to get organized is to make a physical list of your recipients and write down what you’d ideally like to make for each person. Try to be really honest with the time you think it will take you to make each item. A back-up plan could consist of simply personalizing a ready-made item that you’ve already bought or reducing the amount of details you want to add.

How to ‘make it yourself’

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Try to use as many things as you can that are already lying around the house. Using household items for many gifts can be a great time-saver and even sometimes help you stay within budget. Maybe attempt some quick embellishment techniques like stencils, applique, or embroidery to add a personal touch to aprons, napkins, towels and fabric phone covers. You can also add easy-to-apply trims to plain items like baby bibs or pillowcases. There are even special markers you can use to paint on pre-made ceramics and then cook them in your own oven to set the ink to create one-of-a-kind mugs, platters or ornaments.
If you’re staying up late at night with your fingers raw from work or you’re getting short-tempered with your project then maybe it’s time to call in a professional. You should also think about calling in a pro if it’s a craft you’ve never tried before and it’s just not going your way. If you still want to give a handmade gift and just don’t have the patience to get it done yourself you can always check out local craft fairs for handmade gifts made by those who do it for a living. For Handmade Wedding Invitations, visit https://www.looneylizardcreations.co.uk/handmade-invitations/wedding-stationery/

How to ‘make it yourself’2

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Don’t think that handmade has to mean cheap. Often making your gifts at home doesn’t mean that they will cost less than what you can purchase from the store. Particularly in the case of crafts such as knitting and crocheting. It may indeed cost you more to purchase materials than to purchase a completed item at the store. The purpose in giving handmade gifts is to give something that is personal and individual to the person receiving the gift. You might not save money, but you will give a particularly meaningful gift.

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