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First impact: the impressive entrance

Crafting an impeccable first impression is particularly important if you’re planning to put your house on the market, but even if not, surely you want to wow your guests. Whether that be through having a top-quality stove or a top quality door. Here are several design ideas for planning an entrance to impress.

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A top-quality stove

When most people are in someone else’s home the most likely room that they will be sat in is the lounge. This is coincidently the most likely room that you would have a stove in. The perks of having a stove regarding impressing visitors is that the colour is very satisfying to watch and would make a positive talking point about the house apparent almost immediately. A stove is often regarded as an upgrade on a traditional lounge fire place. If you want your lounge and stove to be a big talking point, why not use a Stoves Northern Ireland based company such as http://www.stovebay.com/stoves#.XLCT9-hKhPY



Doors, doors and more doors

The door is the focal point of any entrance and the physical portal through which all visitors must pass. More than one third of house-hunters admitted to already having made up their mind to buy before they even reach the hallway. This makes the door the key to creating a lasting impression. However, it is important to choose a door that matches the tone of the overall house.

A large 19th-century house in the town or the countryside, perhaps in the Gothic style, calls for a truly imposing doorway. Invest in a solid oak door. Depending on the area and the house itself, a nice glossy coat of black or deep red paint helps to create a powerful and imposing focal point.

For cottages, there are many options for panelled doors with traditional designs hiding modern design features, such as double-glazed windows, modern locks and PVC seals.

A touch of class

Consider the impressive structures at the ancient city of Palmyra. Its majestic archways look as powerful now as they did centuries ago, and they have truly stood the test of time. City dwellers and owners of modern-styled barn conversions could invest in a bold black wrought iron gate to enhance the feel and style of their homes.

For manors and country homes, a simple white wooden gate between sturdy stone pillars can add gravitas and class in one stroke. However, when erecting any new structure, investigate planning requirements, especially if your home is a listed building, to avoid breaking the law.

For a truly contemporary look, consider an ultra-modern fabric canopy to enhance your home. The technology behind tensile fabric structures makes it possible to forge striking entranceways that are simply not possible with traditional techniques.
Entrances are often forgotten and overlooked when designing a house. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to break the mould and create a truly memorable entrance to your home.

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