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Why you should choose your conveyancing solicitor wisely

Moving house is potentially one of life’s most stressful events, but choosing the right solicitor can have a huge impact on the efficiency and timeliness of the sale and/or purchase. It is worth spending a little time researching to make the right choice rather than simply accepting the solicitors recommended by your estate agent.

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The best conveyancing solicitors can speed things up and make the process considerably easier. They can also reduce the risk of things falling through, which is key when you have found your dream home and the right buyer.

Is local best?

Traditionally, house buyers or sellers would meet their solicitor face to face, but this is no longer necessary when your transaction is straightforward; today, your conveyancing solicitor could be anywhere! Shop around and find the right one for your needs and one that will offer the best value for money. There are online firms that offer ‘no completion, no fee’ deals, which can be worth considering as so many house sales and purchases in the UK fall through.

If you have a more complicated transaction, such as one that includes disputes of changes to rights, it might be easier to have a solicitor relatively local to the property, if not necessarily to you. Don’t let price be the only factor that influences your decision.

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What will the solicitor do?

The conveyancing solicitor you choose will complete various tasks on your behalf. You should expect this work to be accurate and efficient, and they should be proactive. Check that they are registered with at least one of the industry regulated bodies (the Law Society of England and Wales or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers). You can expect them to answer questions in a timely manner and in jargon-free language you can understand; obviously, they should not do anything that puts your home move at risk.

Things to look out for

Ask about their experience, as you want someone who specialises in conveyancing law. Be clear as to who will be dealing with your case and make sure you have their direct contact details in case you have any questions.

As many as one in three sales will fall through, so a ‘no completion, no fee’ deal might be appealing. Be aware that you will still be charged for any costs incurred for disbursements, but this can still represent a significant saving.

More tips on choosing the best conveyancing solicitors are available online.

If you get it right, you will be able to take a lot of the stress out of one of the potentially most tense undertakings of your adult life.

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