How to make your own scented candles

How to make your own scented candles

The scented candles are one of the decorative elements for the home currently popular; though not always find the smells that we like. One way to achieve our perfect scented candles is to create them ourselves, with what we give you a personal and creative touch to our home. In addition, it is an entertaining and very economical craft.

How to make homemade scented candles

There are several ways to make scented candles. Which we describe below it is one of the simplest; only we need paraffin or wax, candle molds, aromatic essences, a wick, a rod to hold the wick, dyes and a casserole. The steps are as follows:

How to make your own scented candlesHeat the paraffin or wax bath: The warmed until melted, stirring slowly throughout the process. You must purchase a completely liquid texture.

Add the dye: This step is optional and is serving a purely decorative function. The colorant may be the one we use for cooking, and we must stir well to mix all be the same color.

We added the essence: When paraffin or wax is a little cold incorporate a few drops of the aromatic essence we want. If we do when the mixture is still hot, the heat itself will make the scent evaporates quickly and get a candle unscented.

Greased pan: It is the best way to get the then easily sail it. We can spread the mold with olive oil or petroleum jelly. Then we pour the paraffin or wax inside. While the sail is cooled, we give small bumps in the mold to remove air bubbles.

We set the wick: We tied one end of a cotton wick the clamping rod, right where the hole is, and then pass the other end through the hole in the mold. We set the wick to the mold and cut the wick on.

Unmold the candle: We expect about five hours, until the candle is sufficiently cool, and unmold. If we notice imperfections, we can remove them by rubbing with a nylon stocking dipped in alcohol. And this simple way you can make your own homemade scented candles. Are you going to encourage them? Do not let to tell you that you have left.

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