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How to light a dressing

Do you have a room just to store your clothes? You’re lucky! A similar space is the dream of many men and women and must have all the requirements to be comfortable, accessible, neat and tailored to your style. Believe it or not, these temples of clothes and accessories should be well decorated and must be adapted, as it is a functional tool that you will use every day and often on more than one occasion. Therefore, one of the most important aspects is the lighting. If you’re thinking about changing your dressing or planning to ride one in your home, the following article is perfect for you. On this occasion, we give you the keys so you know how to light a dressing room. Be prepared to have a dream dressing with just a few simple steps. Take note!

How to light a dressingA dressing is an independent open space, which is usually located inside the bedroom or in a nearby room. Its main function is to act as both closet, keeping clothes, like where can dress and undress, no need to fill the bedroom clothes.

Some of the things you should consider when you ride a dressing room is the decor. While it may seem silly, the color palette you use to paint this stay is important, because if it is neutral or clear will help you differentiate better clothing and clearly recognize other objects that are on shelves or drawers. Remember that the dressing acts cabinet, usually without doors, so is everything in sight.

Light is key in a closet. First, because if you decorate in neutral colors, lighting will favor you look in the mirror, no shadows that can make you doubt the selected outfit. And secondly, to see perfectly inside the dressing room and all that is in it.

Best for light dressing would place such a stay in a place where he could get natural light. However, this idea is not usually possible in most cases. Therefore, and because at night we do not get that natural light, the dressing should be well lit. Here we give you some options for it.

If you do not want to make changes to the electrical system, looking for the most convenient way to illuminate the dressing room. You can install a point of light on the ceiling, like a ceiling that simulates natural light or a set of several smaller lights that give light equally to all corners of the room. Remember that you must avoid the play of light and shadows as you can.

In the case of being willing to rewiring, you can pass keys to install different points of light spread through the room. You can do this with spotlights embedded in the wall or placed on various surfaces. The best option for this is the use of portholes or gimbals’ type and, even more, if they are adjustable, so you can totally focus inside the dressing room and see everything more clearly. Bulbs distributed throughout the dressing room taking into account the following tips:

  • Place the portholes focused on each element of the closet.
  • Furniture them outward between 20 and 30 centimeters, approximately.
  • Separate the bulbs including 60 centimeters if they are portholes or 80 if they are cardan.

Regardless of whether or not modified electrical installation to brighten up your wardrobe, we recommend that you put on top of the cabinet, on the ledge, a strip of LED lights to illuminate all departments and closet shelves. You can place an opal or clear lamp, or embedded directly into the wood, everything depends on the surface where you have to put. Another idea is to put bars on the hangers fluorescent, you will find them in different shapes and sizes.

Search shop the most appropriate lighting for your closet. You can consult a professional for advice on how to decorate with the best light your stay. Remember to choose what you choose, the important thing is that all the lights have the same pitch and are similar to natural lighting, not to give an atmosphere neither too warm nor too cold to dressing. With these tips, you get to look good and better choose the clothes in your closet.

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