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Where to start when you have no idea diet and exercise?

All of us going to the gym have been rookies sometime. As soon as we make the decision to start a healthier and more active life, in which we are going to incorporate the sport, we are assaulted by the typical doubts or fears that accompany that feeling of not being sure if we will know how to do things correctly. Where to start?

To make this type of “complex” disappear is going to be fundamental to be able to start our new course, without embarrassment and with the best aptitude possible. If you are newbie today we tell you where to start when you have no idea of ​​diet and exercise.

1. What do you want to achieve ? Stand firm

If you have made the decision to join a gym for the first time, it is clear that you are aware that you want a change in your lifestyle. It’s the perfect time to think about what your goal is, what you want to achieve and where you want to go.

Although it may seem like something, with the naked eye, not so important, with the passage of time and as you see that you approach your goal you will feel more powerful and motivated than ever.

2. Which gym do I choose? … a simple one with what is necessary for you

Ideally, you get close to home or the place from where you go, but it is important to start in a simple place without too many “paraphernalia” that allows you to integrate easily. When we are veterans we will have time to choose more specialized gyms and with a multitude of machines and classes of all kinds.

To start our course we will use a gym that has a good weight room and a cardio area with tapes and bicycles.

3. Not hurried but not calm: there are no miracle secrets!

It starts with a positive and confident fitness, but without expecting results in two days. Everything takes its work and, of course, its time. That ambition can not do you, thinks that it is a way in which, little by little, every day you will see and you will feel better: the improvement must be your ambition!

As in everything, there will be times when you notice that you are advancing towards your goal faster and others, instead, you see something more stagnant. Do not check the daily improvement, the results will appear progressively as we work them.

4. Savor each workout: enjoy what you do

Enter the door of the room with a good aptitude that allows you to enjoy what you are doing and motivate you with what you are going to get. Do not arrive in a hurry or with fair schedules that do not let you focus on doing a good session or staying “half gas”.

5. Follow your routine, not the neighbor’s. Every man for himself!

Do not compare yourself with what nobody does, we have to start little by little with basic exercises that we will be perfecting and increasing in intensity. The heavier loads will already be arriving over time, the important thing is to make the most of each session following the routines established by the monitor and always complying with a good and scrupulous execution technique that will prevent us from falling into future problems or injuries.

Do not get confused and spend time chatting with the friend next door, we have come to work and you have an exercise session waiting to be fulfilled.

5. Get the right equipment, but … without going crazy!

If you do not have sports clothes it’s time to get some clothes and some good shoes , that’s more than enough. No need to spend money on branded clothes, start by buying what you need.
Do not forget to carry in a bag everything you need to take a shower after the training: towel, change clothes, flip flops, gels … as well as a smaller towel to place on the machines and for sweat.

6. Begin a healthy diet

The complement of the exercise is undoubtedly the diet. The two pillars must be combined so that the course is correct. It’s time to iron out those bad eating habits and begin to understand the importance of providing your body with all the nutrients it needs.

Be aware of a balanced diet, without refined products, bakery, fried or unadvisable fats, not only will help physically, if your goal is to lose weight, but also will serve to maintain a healthy health.

7. Skip meals or stop eating does not mean healthy diet …

Be very careful with the desire to lose weight, especially after Christmas, and do a “self-talk crazy”. Skipping food or stop eating drastically alone will lead us to not provide the body with what it needs and slow our metabolism to end, precisely, with a rebound effect.

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