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What is the Difference Between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest?

A cardiac arrest is the death of the heart when it suddenly stops beating. This is different to a heart attack where a person might still be conscious and in pain. A heart attack is caused by blood flow to the heart muscle becoming narrowed or interrupted so is a circulation problem, whereas a cardiac arrest is an electrical problem. When a person suddenly suffers from such a condition, the next thing that happens is that they are rushed to the hospital in an effort to save the person. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is performed to diagnose the problem. Once a correct diagnosis has been made, then a treatment commences.

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As mentioned above, the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest can be deceiving if people do not have proper knowledge on them. Hence, it is important that people are educated with the two terms. The terms are often used interchangeably but are not the same. The link is that cardiac arrest can occur as a result of a heart attack. Learn what to do to help someone in this state with First aid at work Tewkesbury training from Tidal Training Direct

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The lead up to a heart attack can be sudden or occur over days, even weeks. Symptoms can include a tightness or crushing feeling in the centre of the chest, left arm pain, shortness of breath, breaking out into a sweat, nausea and light-headedness. For women, they might experience pain in the back or jaw.

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