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Pros and Cons of Using Russian Weights or Kettlebell

We have spoken on more than one occasion the use of kettlebells and kettlebell. For the great majority of us is not an unknown device, rather it is very common because in most of the gyms and we find them as if a more dumbbell. The problem is that it is not a dumbbell any even though it is a weight. Therefore, and to know them better we will stop at the pros and cons of its use.

We all know these weights, and they have a unique way. It is a ball or hemisphere, which is where all the weight is concentrated. To this must be added a kind of handle that surrounds the sphere and that makes the weight is totally concentrated in a single point. We can find them of different sizes depending on the load that they concentrate. Therefore we offer endless possibilities.

Pros and Cons of Using Russian Weights or KettlebellBenefits of Russian dumbbells

First we will stop at the benefits of using the kettlebell. It is a very dynamic tool due to its design. They allow for easier grip and handling. This allows us to work more muscles with their use and will help us strengthen them more accurately. The different loads we find and the ease of use will serve to work both strength and endurance, as we can use them with lighter loads to train in superseries.

Its grip ** easy to handle ** allows us plenty of postures. Each of us will adapt them to our way of executing each movement. In addition, this freedom of movement will help us to perform different exercises with different grips to affect one muscle group or another. Do not forget that the kettlebell will also help us to improve the total body movements, coordination and balance.

Cons of Russian dumbbells

But not all benefits, there are some cons that must be present. To use them in total comfort and to obtain results a good technique is necessary. It is important to know their use and the movements that we can make with them. If this is not the case and we do not have good advice, we can run the risk of injury easily or not properly train the park we want to work.

Another disadvantage is that due to the lack of experience or control them, can overload certain body parts . To this we must add that the simplicity of the movements, which if we do not know the techniques well, can get boring. Monotony with the kettlebell can be common, and therefore it is necessary to have a check on them and an important knowledge of them. If it is not so, it is best to opt for other forms of training that we control better and that carry less risk.

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