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No, being a vegetarian does not make you healthier automatically

Many people think that the vegetarian diet is per a healthier diet than omnivorous, but this does not have to be that way. That our diet does not contain food or products from animals does not mean that we are safe from making poor choices in food.

A well-raised vegetarian diet is just as healthy as an omnivorous one that also has a correct approach. The key, of course, is in that “well-posed” of which we speak. And it is that there are multitude of products that are suitable for vegetarians and that, however, are not at all healthy. We do a review of those products that we can eat, but are better away from our shopping carts and our dishes, and we give you vegetarian and healthy alternatives.

  • Industrial bakery and biscuits: most industrial bakery is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, since in their manufacture are used flours and vegetable fats. Obviously they are not healthy options for breakfast or snack, the times when we usually consume them. Palm oil and sugar are often the star components of these products.The vegetarian and healthy alternative: a piece of fruit with yogurt, an integral toast with tomato, fruit cut into pieces with homemade peanut butter … Rich, fast and practical.
  • Breakfast Cereals: Most of them are made with refined cereals (rice, wheat, corn) without fiber and well coated with sugar, honey or chocolate. The vast majority of breakfast cereals, especially those aimed at children , are an unnecessary sugar bomb.The vegetarian and healthy alternative: if you can not think what you can have breakfast, try a porridge of whole grain oats or a smoothie bowl.
  • Fried appetizers: again, suitable for vegetarians but nothing advisable when it comes to a balanced diet or to watch over our health. One thing that often happens when we start with a vegetarian diet is that at parties or social gatherings we sometimes do not know what to eat or we do not have vegetarian options for us. Of course, there are always chips: if there is nothing else (and if there is one, too) we collect the potato bowls , and spend the night.The vegetarian and healthy alternative: when pecking, crudités with homemade sauces, for example, always work very well. If you go to a guest house you will be phenomenal taking a snack made by you.
  • Sweet desserts: virtually everything sweet is suitable for vegetarians. Yogurts in general, and those that are 0% fat (which we find very healthy but usually carry in their composition a lot of sugar), some soy yogurts (well sugary too). We have become accustomed to the fact that a yogurt is something healthy and we do not bother to look at the nutritional labels: they are sugary desserts , and many of them usually carry around 15 grams of sugar per serving.
  • The vegetarian and healthy alternative: natural yogurt (or even homemade yogurt) that you can combine with fruits to mask a bit the bitter taste (characteristic of yogurt, by the way) that you usually have. If you do not like to find the pieces of fruit you can pass everything by the blender before.
  • Vegetable “milks”: or vegetable drinks in general. There are many people who think that milk is very bad for the body and instead consume vegetable drinks with a very low percentage of the vegetable they are made of, and with a lot of sugar put there so they are not undrinkable. If you take a look at the lists of ingredients you will see that they usually appear in this order: water, sugar (you can change it by “agave syrup” or similar, but it is still sugar), x% of the vegetable in question, almost always below Of 5%.The vegetarian and healthy alternative: here we can do two things. Or we make our own vegetable drink at home (I have been told that in some cases like almond milk is not very difficult) or we read well the nutritional labels and the lists of ingredients and choose those that best fit our needs.

Again, the best way to make our food, vegetarian or omnivorous, healthy is by choosing food instead of product. Basing our food on food (vegetable origin if we are vegetarians) and spending a little time in the kitchen is very difficult to fail.

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