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All you need to know about abdominal massage

Learning to give an abdominal massage can be positively surprising and unexpected results to our health; it is a great way to take care of our body while we listen to their needs. In this post, we show you how to give and also know all its benefits.

Like when we massaged other parts of the body, abdominal massage improves blood circulation in this area of the body to bring you a greater amount of oxygen and put the blood flowing through the veins in motion. This improved blood circulation has a positive effect on other organs, as well relaxes muscle tension and tense tissues constrict the area, affecting precisely the circulation of blood flow. As an example: If the muscles in our shoulders work much better after a good massage, it is not surprising that the same could happen to the stomach.

abdominal massage

An abdominal massage also has the odd effect positive added:

1. Abdominal massage favors the immune system

The center of the entire immune system is precisely the abdominal area, so a massage area we only encourage it. Besides, feed as correctly as possible, have a well oxygenated vibrant abdominal area and benefits our health. Studies have shown that a good abdominal massage reduces symptoms of intestinal catarrh and stomach aches because increasing movements’ half-intestines to help a good digestion and an excellent blood flow.

2. Massage your stomach after the rule may reduce menstrual symptoms

If during and after these days suffer cramps or a cold finish, a good abdominal massage can help. With as simple as this technique: Combine a gentle massage of the feet and thighs also gentle, circular massage the abdomen, all lying on her back. It is a very effective exercise to reduce problems such as pain, fluid retention and discomfort during menstruation.

3. Treat your stomach and abdomen in a positive way can help you improve your image

See ourselves in a positive way can be highly rewarding effects. By massaging our stomach and abdomen we take a time to reflect, time to let go of those negative feelings and perceptions about our bodies that have been continuously absorbing so long you’ll be amazed how helps reduce your stress levels!

Steps to give a good abdominal massage

  • Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Supports the neck on a pillow and bend your knees slightly.
  • Let stand hands on the lower abdomen to feel the stomach moves when we breathe.
  • Feels the same as breathe out loud, at least, 5 times.
  • Place one hand over the other, and begins to give a circular motion around the abdomen, in the sense clockwise. With a soft and slow massage, but pressing on the skin, covering the whole abdomen, from the bottom up where begins the rib area. Feel the pressure of the hands. Repeat this movement at least 10 times.
  • Complete massage steeping hands on your stomach for a few minutes while you feel the relaxation that invades your body.
  • The self-abdominal massages are easy to learn and perform and above all, are safe – without any danger. Maybe there are only two times when you should not perform them: Naturally, right after surgery in the area, to avoid affecting the stitches. Initially massage can help relieve post-menstrual effects, but many women do not feel well during the rule them, so you’d better avoid them these days Otherwise, we can only recommend them!

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