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Top tips for shopping mall advertising

When your retail business is located within a shopping mall, it can seem like an uphill struggle to create store advertising that stands out from the crowd.

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If you’re having any sort of store promotion, for example, sales, one-day discounts across the store, be sure to let everybody know. Oversize sale signs should be placed in store windows, even at the risk of obstructing the view of your products. How else are you going to let everybody know? If you are planning a particularly big sales event, consider appointing PR staff to stand at the shopping mall entrance and hand out fliers.

Being relatable

Most retailers, especially in shopping malls, make the mistake of placing a barrier between the shoppers and their products by making the products or services appear ‘out of reach’ or too luxurious for the everyday shopper. Whilst people want to shop at glamorous stores, the advertising that reels them in must be relatable. Customers also want an authentic experience and would always rather talk to a human than a robot so remember this for any in-store promotional events.

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Digital signage

This is one key way that your shopping mall advertising can stand out in the crowd. Digital signs can be placed in both the store and the store window to offer a vibrant visual experience to shoppers. Promotions, deals, ads and even fun content can be displayed on these sorts of signs. The best thing about electronic signage is that you can change what is displayed as often as you choose. Digital signage solutions such as those offered by moodmedia.co.uk/digital-signage-solutions, allow you to easily tailor your in-store advertising at the touch of a button.

Generalised advertising

Whilst online and social media advertising can be used to target very specific audiences, shopping malls attract a wide demographic and it would be wise for your in-store advertising to do the same. More targeted advertising could run the risk of losing you the general, everyday customers that keep retail stores afloat.

Managing a retail business in a shopping mall certainly has its pros and its cons. Whilst you don’t have to do a lot to get the shoppers to the mall, you certainly have to work hard to direct that footfall your way. That’s where these key advertising tips can really help.


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