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Ways to boost your business creativity

If you need to inject some creative thinking into your business, either to drive renewed growth or to revise your business plan or strategy, there are lots of techniques and activities that can get the creative juices flowing.

In fact, Forbes magazine states that creative thinking is ‘the only business strategy you need’. So here are some ideas that you can use to boost your business creativity.

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Take a break

It may seem counter-intuitive, especially if your company is going through a rough patch, but sometimes taking a break and stepping away from your day-to-day business can be just what’s needed to free up the headspace to see the lay of the land. Taking time out can help put things into perspective. Allowing the mind to focus on other things can also bring fresh creative influences to your thinking. Bill Gates is a big fan!

Go on an away day or retreat

An away day or retreat is also a great way to inspire creative thinking. Like taking a break, stepping away from the usual office environment and the daily grind can generate the space needed for innovative thinking and get the whole team involved in creative input.

Some companies also hire a professional Gloucester business coach to help with this process. Professional business coaching agencies such as https://www.randall-payne.co.uk/services/business-advisory/business-coaching can help install a creative and innovative culture into your business.

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And while we’re on culture…avoid being a perfectionist

Perfection is the enemy of excellence. Shutting down good suggestions because they don’t quite fit with your business’s usual idea of what will work means that you could miss out on perfectly good ideas. You could also make staff feel disenfranchised if their ideas are continually disregarded.

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