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iA Writer, one of the most popular writing applications, will reach Windows in just over a month

iA Writer is one of the most popular applications to write on iOS, MacOS and Android, the three systems for which it is currently available. Its so successful minimalism, how much it helps concentration, the added functions it offers and its markdown support make it almost unique. And this 2018, we are assured from iA , will finally be available for Windows.

The same day of Christmas Eve the version for the operating system of Microsoft reached the beta phase, according to its developers. That’s why they say they are intensively testing the application and want to offer it to the public after these winter holidays through Kickstarter.

Beyond the classic version of iA Writer

In the current state in which iA Writer for Windows is, all the functions of the classic editor are presented, as well as the folding option. This is the ability to compress and expand chapters of the text with a click, especially useful when the writings reach remarkable lengths.

It could incorporate the file library that is being developed for the macOS version

However, those responsible for iA want to go even further by offering more translations and a library of files like the one being built for the macOS version. The goal is to keep both applications on par.

The launch of the project on Kickstarter will occur once the Christmas season ends, with the opening of the beta to reach the first objective, and the final product will be available a month later according to the announced forecasts. Depending on how well the campaign works on the crowdfunding platform, the aforementioned file library will be added or not.

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