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Chrome for Windows now has something very important in common with the MacOS and Linux versions

After five years of work, Google has managed to build Chrome for Windows using the same compiler that uses the versions for macOS, Linux and Android , and in the process has made its browser the first important program to use the Clang compiler within Windows

Chrome for Windows used the Microsoft C ++ compiler, the most used and with better support for the operating system of windows. Clang for its part, is an open source compiler widely used in Linux and the first choice in macOS .

The compiler is that software that transforms written code into a programming language into the language of the machine, is like a translator between the source code and for example, a particular operating system , and also optimizes the code.

For a long time Clang is the compiler of choice for Chrome on Mac and Linux, and in 2013 Google decided that it wanted to use Clang everywhere to make browser development much easier .

Using the same compiler makes you have to deal with the same group of bugs on all platforms

This is important for Google because working alone with a compiler for all browser versions means you have to deal with only the same group of bugs on all platforms.

The problem for which this took to become reality for almost five years is that Clang had almost no support in Windows, so Google first took the task of giving first support to the compiler on the Microsoft platform, and although Google raised the Most of the weight, Microsoft also did his part to be able to complete the necessary work .

With the release of the stable version of Chrome 64, the browser will make the official change to Clang.

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