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Wedding planning: Visualising using technology

It seems that weddings are becoming increasingly complex to plan with every generation. From fundamental factors such as the type of ceremony, its location and the number of guests to the fine details, such as the flowers, table decorations and the wedding cake design, imagining the end result is far from an easy task.

According to Brides magazine, there are so many elements and ideas to think about that visualising how everything will look could range from difficult to downright impossible.

Visual planning

With more than 42% of couples spending upwards of £10,000 on their weddings, according to Confetti.co.uk’s 2014 Wedding Report, it is not surprising that 3D visualisation is becoming more popular as a way to help couples to ensure their wedding is everything they want it to be. Today’s technologies can bring that dream wedding event to life, showing every proposed detail as the event progresses from start to finish, from the decorations chosen for the ceremony itself to the floor plans for the reception to the design themes and lighting.

Sweeping animations can simulate a guest’s walk through the receiving line and into the main space for the reception, giving the first impression of the room. Having a 3D architectural visualisation of the venue also means you can view the proposed event from angles the guest would not normally see.

3D solutions

As more wedding planners are turning to 3D visualisation techniques, so the range of services is increasing. Some high-end hotels, which might host everything from the ceremony itself through to the last dance, have their own 3D wedding experiences to enable the customer to choose everything from the colour of the tablecloths to the rooms their guests will sleep in.

Wedding planning

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Meanwhile, the planners of multi-venue weddings can benefit from tapping the skills of computer-generated imagery (CGI) companies such as http://www.redandgray.co.uk. Specialising in photorealistic 3D representations of everything from the architecture of the venue down to the last sprinkling of confetti, CGI designers can provide a complete visualisation of a client’s dream wedding.

Regardless of which service is chosen, the advantage of visualising an event in 3D is the same − the changes can be made before money is spent, which has to be helpful in achieving peace of mind.

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