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Getting Your Wedding Entertainment Right

Everyone likes to be entertained, and everyone likes to dance. People love to celebrate the successes and happiness of a loved one or a friend, and a wedding can be a markedly special day. In many cases, it is the most important occasion in a person’s life.

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If you are planning a wedding – whether it’s your own or for someone who is close to you – chances are you have already booked a Dorset wedding band or DJ to entertain people and to keep them dancing on the big day. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your chosen entertainment.

Choosing the Right Sounds

On a day like your wedding day, you are going to want a mixture of you and your other half’s favourite songs alongside some guaranteed favourites and floor fillers – maybe even some Kool & the Gang! How eclectic and varied your wedding playlist is should determine whether you opt for a DJ or a live band. This is because even the most experienced and talented band will have their preferred styles and weaknesses, whereas DJs might have a broader selection. Nevertheless, most professional bands can be fairly flexible and possess an inimitable live-ness that can help make the day even more memorable.

If you do opt for a live band like http://www.fatcatsoulband.co.uk/ or others, it is worth opening a dialogue early in the planning stages to discuss run times and song orders. Most professional wedding bands have websites where you can view their typical repertoire. If you have a particular song or songs you want to hear, let the band know early on so they have plenty of time to rehearse.


It might seem obvious to most people, but showing courtesy and respect to the people providing entertainment for your wedding will ensure that everyone is happy and that your chosen entertainers will want to do their best to make yours a memorable day. Just like any other staff working an event like a wedding, entertainers – especially bands – require some preparation before starting, if only to sound check and fine-tune their set before they perform. Make sure they have enough time to warm up without feeling too rushed because a good performance and sound is in everyone’s best interests.

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