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Victoriana Wedding

Four Amazing Ideas for a Victoriana Wedding

The Victorian era was one of grace, elegance and sophistication, and a wedding themed around this time draws its inspiration from the many elements that make this period in history so memorable.

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These vintage wedding ideas might go against some of the high-tech developments currently taking place in the industry, but they’ll take you back in time in the most beautiful way.

Set the Tone with Invitations

The Victorian era was one filled with ruffles, lace and delicate patterns, and you can use these elements in your invitations. A beautifully embossed border, elegant calligraphy or engraved writing all set the tone for a Victoriana wedding that’s olde worlde and wonderful. You can even include a Victorian love poem for added effect. If you want to send your invitations online, you can still stick to the theme and select digital embossed envelopes and font styles that suit the period.

Choose Flowers Carefully

The Victorians attached great meaning to different types of flowers, and floral arrangements were selected accordingly. In keeping with the theme, brides could use a tussy mussy, which is a Victorian-style bouquet that places flowers in a small metal jug. This can also be used to great effect on tables or as bridesmaids posies. A site like Style and the Bride can also provide era-appropriate advice on the types of flowers that can be used.

Create Themed Favours

Wedding favours can fully embrace the Victorian theme. If you are on a budget, you can enlist the help of friends to create authentic gifts suited to the period. Crackers were invented during the Victorian times and can be filled with a number of different trinkets, or you could supply guests with beautiful handmade fans that are embossed with your wedding date. A themed memento is a wonderful gift that adds a special touch to your big day.

Light Up with Candles

Most lighting in the Victorian era came from candles or oil lamps, and these two elements can be incorporated into your wedding decor to great effect. Candelabras look beautiful and can cast a lovely warm glow over proceedings. If you’d prefer not to have open flames, candles in glass votives or lamps can also set the scene and still add a touch of elegance and Victorian atmosphere.

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