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Wedding Catastrophes

Avoid at All Cost: Three Wedding Catastrophes Waiting to Happen

It’s the big day and everything has been planned to perfection. You’ve booked your venue, you’ve ordered the cake and the dress has been gathering dust for months, what could possibly go wrong? We take a look at the three biggest wedding catastrophes and how to avoid them.

The Groom Not Turning Up

In all fairness ‘groom disappearances’ are a much rarer occurrence these days as most people getting married are in more established relationships and are older and wiser than they once were. That being said, it’s still one to avoid. In the run up to the wedding look out for strange signs of behaviour, if you think he may be getting cold feet don’t ignore it, talk it through with him. Most bail-outs are down to nerves rather than anything else, so assure him he’ll be great.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

A dress disaster is the worst kind of disaster for most brides. Avoid wearing the dress until the last moment. This will ensure that no spillages or rips occur on your special frock. A dress with a very long train is certainly more open to disaster so really think about whether this is what you want.

It’s also imperative that the dress fits well as the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable throughout the big day. Take the dress for alterations the week of the wedding – last minutes nerves can mean sudden weight loss OR weight gain.

Photographer Woes

A photographer who’s double booked and only informs you a few days beforehand makes for a major catastrophe- avoid this by booking professionals. Whether you’ve booked an established wedding photographer in Hampshire or the Hamptons, he or she will not sully his or her reputation by double booking, and one with a passion for wedding photography such as www.newforeststudio.com, among others, will certainly turn up for the job. Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Hampshire, London or Scotland, once booked, stay in touch with them to make sure everything is ok and secure your booking with a deposit.

These major wedding catastrophes are highly unlikely, but they do happen for some unfortunate few. Double and triple check all your bookings a week or so before the wedding and make sure you put that dress on as late as you can!

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