Some Festive Forest Walks to Enjoy this Christmastime

One of the most pleasant activities at this time of the year, is a walk in the woods. There is nothing more Christmassy feeling than getting wrapped up in snug wither clothes like these aran sweaters from Shamrock Gift, and heading off into the woods for a relaxing stroll.

We are lucky in the UK top have a lot of beautiful woodlands to walk in, here are just a few places that are perfect for enjoying a woodland winter walk…

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The Forest of Dean – The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is an ancient woodland that covers a large area and has a long history. Walk around the enchanting Puzzlewood, the place that inspired many magical worlds, including the Hobbit and Harry Potter! Or go to the sculpture trail in Speech House – as well as being fun for the whole family, as you walk around the woods discovering sculptures, you may learn a lot about the local area as the sculptures are designed to reflect the people and history of the forest.

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The New Forest – This beautiful area of Hampshire is home to the famous New Forest Ponies. It has lots of walking routes as well as cycling routes and is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic winter stroll in the woods. Follow the tall tree trail around the Blackwater arboretum, or head from Ashurst to Churchplace, passing the ponies as they graze, and seeing the beautiful landscape of the New Forest.