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Four Wild Camping Tips in Ireland

If you are wanting to try out wild camping, and the feeling of being close to nature and away from the trappings of the modern world appeals to you, Ireland is a great place to do it. A beautiful country with plenty of wild spaces to explore and many beautiful sights to see, it is popular with wild campers for a good reason!

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If you are new to wild camping, here are some tips that will help you to enjoy your first time…

Don’t be too Ambitious the First Time – The first time that you go, sticking to a couple of days is a good idea. This way, if you have overlooked something you won’t be struggling for a long period of time and this can help to build your knowledge and confidence for future trips.

Have the Right Kit – This is essential – in Ireland, the weather can often be challenging as well as changeable. From clothing that keeps you warm like this womens irish sweater https://www.shamrockgift.com to the right tent and bedding.

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Check that you have Permission to Camp – You cannot just camp on any land – making sure that you know the areas where wild camping is permitted is important before you head off and camp.

Don’t leave anything Behind – All wild campers must respect the beautiful environment – as well as being a habitat for many animals, it is also a place that others want to enjoy. Leave no rubbish behind and leave it as you found it.

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