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Your flooring installation project and what tools you need

Whether you’re sanding and coating original floors, installing laminate or laying tiles, all flooring projects require certain tools. Some can be done by anyone, whilst others take specialist skills. If you’re not sure what you need for the job, read on to find out more.

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Sanding hardwood flooring

Do you want to get back the original wood flooring that lies beneath your carpet or laminate? This can be an extremely rewarding project, but it takes time and patience. Firstly, you’ll need a method for shaving the wood down, which will get rid of any mess on the top, such as paint, and reveal the grain of the wood. Some people choose to hire a sander, and others literally scrape the whole floor – a more time-consuming but less messy option. You may also need to fill any gaps between the wood. This can be done with a mastic gun and caulk or with expanding plank filler from your local DIY store. Have a hammer ready to pull out rogue nails and finish with plenty of oil or varnish.


Laying tiles should either be done by a professional or under guidance from someone who knows what they are doing. In addition to your materials (tiles, grout and tile spacers), you will also need the following tools: a trowel, grout spreader, tile cutter, grout finisher, gauge rod, spirit level and a ruler. Watch a video or look for step by step instructions online first, and think about the pattern you want to achieve, choosing something simple if it’s your first time.

Laying laminate

Installing laminate can be done by a DIY enthusiast or a professional floor layer. In order to lay quality laminate flooring, you’ll need a number of tools. One tool you may not of considered is an Inspection app which can be sourced from sites including https://propertyinspect.com/ which will help you with keeping track of the maintenance you have done or need to do and in what rooms.   In addition to the laminate and the laminate underlay, you will also need a mallet, claw hammer, combination square, jigsaw and expansion strip.

Before you start any job, plan everything carefully by pricing the materials and tools, measuring the room and preparing the surface. Also, speak to one of the experts at your local DIY store to make sure you have everything you need. For all of the above jobs, you will also need a measuring tape, pencil, gloves and a dust mask.

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