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Wreath Making this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Whether you go all out for or prefer a more low-key approach, a handmade wreath is fun to put together and makes a striking addition to your home. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Before reading on just remember to keep safe over halloween and never let strangers into your home.  If you are concerned you could have extra locks put in place with a Locksmith Sheffield company found at sites like hallamlocksmiths.co.uk.  This might just give you an extra piece of mind when your door gets several knocks from what can only be described as monsters. Read on for tips on Wreath making!

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Embroidery hoop wreath

This simple idea is highly effective and you can make your wreath any size you like. Simply get hold of a basic embroidery hoop in your chosen size and get decorating! Wrap a strip of fabric around the hoop, securing with glue or a staple. Then, set about decorating your wreath any way you like. Cheap toy stuffing can be pulled into thin pieces and glued on the wreath for the appearance of creepy cobwebs, and you could embellish your creation with toy spiders, too. Or go for a cute approach by decorating with smiling pumpkin faces. You can use cotton thread to hang Halloween decorations off your wreath, too.

If you want to go all-out and have basic embroidery or sewing skills, you might want to try something like this fantastic wreath from Make Magazine.

Use an existing wreath

Buying a plain dried twig wreath is a great idea as you can remove the Halloween decorations after the day and re-purpose your wreath for Christmas or any other event. For a spooky wreath, add cut-outs of witches and broomsticks. Buy a kids craft set and attach the cut-out with glue, or cut your own custom designs out of black card. If you’re not artistically gifted, simple bat shapes are easy to draw and cut out. Make them in a variety of sizes to add interest. If you’re worried about hanging your wreath outdoors due to wet or windy weather you could laminate them or wrap them in plastic.

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Googly eyes wreath

If you’ve got a bit more time to spare, this is a fun idea that you’ll want to use time and time again. All you’ll need is a plain wreath (you can buy them cheaply in any good craft shop), a bag of white ping pong balls, a glue gun and some stick-on googly eyes. Use the glue gun to stick ping pong balls all over the wreath, then add an eye to each ball.

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