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Why You Should Arrange a Boiler Service Before Winter

After one of the best summers in decades few people are looking forward to the dark nights and chilly evenings which lie ahead. One of the major tasks to undertake should be a service for your boiler.

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Ask any heating engineer or plumber and he will tell you that his busiest time of year is when homeowners or tenants switch their systems on for the first time and find there is a fault. This can disrupt the household to breaking point as hot water disappears and the heating system fails. Such problems can be avoided if you have a regular boiler service.


Now is the time to do it, since you must understand that the winter months are when your boiler is working hardest and for the longest hours. It is better to have any problems dealt with before you put your boiler under pressure.

Whether you are in the northern part of the UK or looking for a Boiler Installation Bristol, you would be advised to book a service now. Details on the benefits can be found at https://gassaferegister.co.uk/.

Servicing the boiler not only guarantees efficiency but also involves safety issues. All gas appliances should be checked annually and serviced to your manufacturer’s instructions. You may find that your guarantee on the appliance is undermined if the boiler is not regularly serviced.

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By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register. If you need a Boiler Installation Bristol, you should check the credentials of your engineer.


You should be clear about the scope of the work your engineer is carrying out, as there is a difference between an appliance service and a safety check and a safety check of the whole installation, including pipework.

An appliance service will include all appliance safety checks, including making sure the gas is burning correctly, is suitable for the room it is in and properly connected. Your engineer will also check air supply and make sure the flues or chimneys are operating correctly.

It will also involve cleaning the appliance as specified and detailed in the manufacturer’s instructions. This will mean analysis of combustion exhaust gases to ensure safety and a check on the appliance itself. Your engineer will check seals, gaskets and the effectiveness of heat exchangers.

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