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Why Were the Celebs Go Dating Contestants So Orange?

Viral marketing is the ultimate goal for advertisers, and not always one that can be predicted. Only the very best slogans go on to be incorporated into our cultural lexicon – who doesn’t remember the Budweiser frogs? Another example of advertising phrasing that has been adopted into common parlance is describing someone as having been ‘tangoed’. The description of someone looking orange has been frequently used in relation to people using the wrong shade of foundation or fake tan and almost certainly came up during the most recent series of Celebs Go Dating.

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Viewers were surprised to see the contestants looking shiny and orange as a group, rather than individuals getting it wrong, which led people to wonder whether there was something wrong with the lighting or with the products being used. Suggestions have ranged from criticism of the products themselves to the skill of the team applying it or just the volume of product being used when it is so clearly visible. Some even suggested that the colour was something to do with the fact that they are on the show looking for love!


There is no make-up sponsor, so it is not clear to the public what products have been used on the contestants, and as yet no one associated with the production of the show has been available for comment.

InStyle online has some more information about how make-up might end up looking orange. The key is to start with the right product in the first place, and that might take some finding. Look to a well-established brand like Benefit cosmetics, widely available from stores up and down the country or online with retailers like https://www.carapharmacy.com/en/Benefit/b-743.aspx.

Don’t assume that once you have a foundation that works you will never have to look again, because you will: your skin changes all the time, from month to month and season to season and of course as your skin ages. Make-up does not last forever either, so do pay attention to when you open it and the anticipated ‘life’ which is shown on the bottle. Test all make-up on your own skin, and be sure to check the colour against the colour on the inside of your wrist – it’s the closest to your face. And always look in natural light if you can.

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