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Why is a good carpet underlay so important?

If you are buying a carpet, it is vitally important to know about underlay. Even though you can’t see it, underlay is as significant as the carpet itself and should not be skimped on – apart from the rare case where your carpet has a very thick backing.

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What does underlay do?

Underlay offers longevity in the form of protection during the process of wear and tear and the guarantee of a long-lasting good appearance. It can also keep your room warm and reduce your energy bills, as it reduces heat loss.

Any underlay should minimise the noise of heavy footsteps or furniture moving to some degree. The depth of the carpet underlay dictates the amount of noise reduction it will offer.

Weighty furniture can sometimes leave permanent indents on soft carpets. The likelihood of such marks is minimised with an underlay, helping to extend the life of your carpet. The extra padding creates a cosy and comfortable carpet underfoot, ensuring improved quality.

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Choosing the right underlay

Here are some tips on finding the right underlay for your needs.

The type of room your carpet is intended for will determine what sort of underlay to use; for example, putting carpet over a hard floor that will receive a lot of footfall, such as the living room, will require a firmer underlay for the best protection. In contrast, a bedroom that receives less traffic would suit a soft underlay.

Traditional felt underlay used to be easily obtainable; however, it is not as readily found as it used to be. It remains the most hard-wearing underlay in the market. As it is often made from recycled fibre, it is environmentally friendly.

Rubber underlay is similarly resilient. It is perfect for commercial settings and those areas that see heavy foot traffic. It comes as crumb rubber and waffle rubber.

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The John Lewis website has more information on finding the right underlay.

Modern underlays usually have a tog rating to help you assess their thickness. As with duvets, the tog rating reflects the amount of thermal insulation.

Now you know the basics of carpet underlay, you will be well equipped to make the right selection when you next move to a new house or improve your current home with new carpets.


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