Why invest in a UPVC door

Why invest in a UPVC door

Investing in UPVC doors is a great way to improve your home, adding value and appeal to your property. Not only will your home be more appealing to buyers in the future, but your doors will be stronger and better insulated than wooden alternatives.

Why invest in a UPVC door

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What is UPVC?

Unplasticised poly vinyl chloride (UPVC) is a material that is used in many structures, such as pipes, guttering, windows and doors. In the construction of doors, the UPVC is wrapped around a galvanised steel core, making it much stronger than wooden doors.

Benefits of UPVC doors

Installing UPVC doors and windows will add extra value to your home. If you decide to move house, these modern doors and windows could make a significant difference in the amount of money you get for your home.

The popularity of UPVC doors has grown in recent years, especially with the availability of different colours to choose from other than white. You can also find UPVC doors with a wood grain finish, such as cherry or oak, for a more traditional-looking door.

There are hundreds of different styles of doors to choose from, some with lots of glazing and some without any. For professional double glazing in Dublin, you can consult a company such as Keanewindows. UPVC doors come in many shapes and sizes, so there should be no problem finding a door that fits your home.

The galvanised steel core of UPVC doors provides a stronger door than traditional wooden ones. Most UPVC doors cannot be forced open or broken down, deterring any intruders from attempting to access your property.

UPVC doors do not warp in damp conditions. They are weatherproof and rigid, so they are not susceptible to the damp climate of the UK. This keeps doors fitting snugly into their frames, allowing you to open and close them easily no matter how wet it is.

Maintenance for UPVC doors is minimal compared to their wooden counterparts. The strength and durability of this product is the reason so many UPVC installation companies are confident enough to offer ten-year guarantees for their installations.

Doors constructed of UPVC offer high levels of insulation against noise and draughts. For a quieter and warmer home, these are the ideal choice. Well-fitted doors will also reduce your energy bills, saving you money.