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Which style of sleeper are you?

Everyone sleeps differently, and studies have identified some sleeping ‘types’ or ‘styles’. For an activity we spend one third of our lives doing, we probably have a good idea of which category we fall into. Getting enough sleep is vitally important for our health and well-being, as important as eating or drinking so make sure you have the best bed for the job. For new beds and furnishings, visit a Gloucester Carpet Shop like https://www.gloucestersofasandbeds.co.uk/sofas/

  1. The snorer

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of sleeping next to someone who snores. We all do it as some point but when we snore, we’re not getting good quality sleep. Snoring disrupts the optimal intake of oxygen. Snoring is more common in those who are over tired, been drinking alcohol or jet-lagged for example. The snore comes from the position of the throat and nose structures. Other factors that can increase the likelihood of snoring is being overweight, a smoker and those who suffer with sleep apnoea.

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  1. The mover

This is the person who moves so much during sleep that they inhabit virtually every corner of the bed at different times. Some people have vivid dreams that make them move a great deal during sleep. There is nothing wrong with sleep movement, but if you feel it is disrupting your sleep or that of your partner, you might want to explore whether you are feeling stressed or anxious about something.

  1. The talker

Some people can be highly vocal when they’re asleep, engaging in one-sided conservations, singing or laughing at whatever is going on inside their dream.

  1. The midnight snacker

So, technically this is an activity that occurs while awake but it’s a result of a disturbed sleep pattern. Often people wake and need to use the bathroom but whilst awake, feel incredibly hungry and so head to get a snack before going back to bed. This could be a cause for concern if you have diabetes in the family. Check with your GP if you’re concerned.

  1. The animal sleeper

Many pet lovers in the UK might be embarrassed to admit how much they love snuggling up with their animals at night. After all, they are warm, soft and affectionate. However, animals can carry various different germs and parasites that are transmittable to humans, so make sure your furry friend has the all-clear before sharing a pillow!

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  1. The night owl

For night owls, the daylight hours leave you tired but as soon as the moon comes out, they’re wide awake! Night owls stay up later than others and most likely get less sleep. This is a trait identified with people of high intelligence, overachievers and those who have difficulty switching off.

  1. The duvet stealer

Sharing a bed with a duvet stealer, a mover or a talker can be testing! The duvet stealer will be wrapping themselves up and then rolling over, leaving you lying out in the cold. Whilst not a problem for them, you’ll soon be annoyed at the disruption to your sleep. It’s not malicious, as they are deeply asleep but it’s perfectly acceptable to gently pull some back!


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