What you need to clean your bongs?

What you need to clean your bongs?

It may seem like a complicated task. But if you follow the steps that we are going to show you next, it will just take a few minutes to clean your bong or pipe completely. It is not necessary that you do it every time you use it. However, we recommend doing it with some frequency.

To make the process easier we focuses on the most professional method. To carry it out, you must buy a cleaner or pure alcohol (98º) and, if you wish, also a brush to reach all the ends of your bong or pipe. It requires an investment, but we assure you that your bong will be shiny.

You can also try other method but it will not be perfect, but they will help you to clean your bong much better than what you were doing until now. However, if your bong is old enough and you want to change it, there is always an option to buy a new one from online headshop. But if you do not want to spend a single dollar, go to the end of the post.

What will you need?

Bongs Cleaner and Water Pipes

It is a specific product, specially designed to clean this type of accessories. It is similar to pure alcohol. It helps eliminate all the dirt residues that remain stuck to the walls of your bong. In addition, its formula helps eliminate the bacteria that cause the bad smell. This makes your bong recover its original smell. There are many options in the market, but you should go with a cheaper one. Something less than $10, it’s good and you can buy it through online. In fact, it is a new product in the online store. But have good reviews from users to have a very good results.


It is not strictly necessary, but having a special brush will help you access all the parts of your bong. This is especially useful for cleaning the interior, as there are areas to which it is impossible to reach with your fingers. For less than $10 you can buy a perfect brush kit for any type of bong or pipe at online, and it can also be very useful at home to clean anything else. Again, it is not necessary to have them. With the cleaner is enough for an optimal result, but the brushes will give a better touch? Also, you can always use a brush that you have at home.