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What should I remove from my car before I scrap it?

Once you have decided to scrap your car, you must know which parts are valuable. You must remove them before you scrap it. The most important parts are described here for your assistance.

Under-the-bonnet items are most valuable. First of all, check the engine if it is in working condition. If it is in working condition, it can be sold and fitted in any other similar vehicle. Hence the engine must be taken out before scrapping the car. People like to buy old and used car engines for their cars due to different reasons.

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On the other hand, if the engine is not in running condition, you can sell its aluminium parts to a scrap dealer. You may get a reasonable amount against them. Another important part to be removed is the air conditioning system. If it is in working condition, it can pay you a lot. Examine the air condition system and remove it before you scrap the car. For a Scrap Yard Birmingham, visit a site like Birmingham Auto Breakers, a leading Scrap Yard Birmingham.

Alternators and separators also have their importance. You must remove them too to make some money. The radiator is also a good choice for removing before you scrap your car. It contains a lot of aluminium. The catalytic converter has very precious metals. So, don’t forget to remove it also.

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Wheels and tyres should also be removed if these are in good condition. You can sell them together or sell wheels and tyres differently. Keep all these important points in mind before you scrap your car.

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