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What people look for when they book a holiday abroad?

Here in Britain, one thing that everyone seems to love is the annual holiday. Whether this is abroad or popping down to the nearest coastline you can be sure that it is on the top of everyones annual to-do list.  Here are a few things that we look for when we go abroad on holiday.

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Most of us are not lucky enough to live by a beach and will look for any opportunity to get to one.  We love the sand, the water and the fresh air that you don’t seem to get anywhere else.  Its relaxing waves crashing on the shore, the gentle breeze and the collecting of unique seashells.  The child in us will come out straight away and we will want to see if we can still build that sand castle fort with moat, bury our legs or catch a crab in the rock pools.  We won’t want to travel too far to get there either so it’s got to be within walking distance or have a little train that runs from your hotel to the beach.

A large portion of us will travel with family and friends where children are normally involved from say three years old to sixteen.  This gives us an excuse to find a hotel with a swimming pool that has several slides, water rides and hopefully a swim up bar for cocktails or mocktails.  Some people will love the rush of getting out to the pool to reserve their spot with their towel and stay pool side all day.

If your looking all inclusive then you will normally check for reviews of the food and drink as you will be eating breakfast, dinner, tea, bar snacks and drinking throughout the day.  We normally overeat on holiday so the food has to be of good quality and cooked well.  Some hotels will have food between meals to and several choices of restaurants to choose from in different areas and with different themes.

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We will look for an airline that provides good quality customer service with seats next to each other, luggage prices included, good check in times and a transfer on the other end.  Hopefully meals will be included on the flight but not always and an inflight film or programme can be a nice touch.  Travellers are all of different heights and sizes so its good if they have plenty of foot room and adjustable chairs.  When it comes to luggage allowance and safety you want maximum weight possible and to know your luggage wont go missing.  Some suitcases have socks tied on, funny faces, names written on and even a Security Seal  from sights including https://acmeseals.co.uk can be a great choice as no one will get into your case except you.

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