Affordable ways to buy a retirement home

Affordable ways to buy a retirement home

A park home is a prefabricated home standing with others on a dedicated plot. This unique lifestyle is comfortable, affordable and increasingly popular. Here are the facts about costs which you need to know before buying.

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Park Home Fees

The park home’s cost depends on what sort of model you go for as well as its size and the fixtures and fittings.

Costs for siting and delivery vary according to your distance from the manufacturer and the contractor’s fees (get quotes to find the best price).

Planning permission costs vary by location. You might be able to avoid this altogether – check with your local authority

Electricity, plumbing and heating will have to be installed. You will also have to think about the costs of a garden, decking, steps, paths and a driveway.

If you can site a park home on your own land, then costs will be at a minimum.

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Considerations Before Buying a Park Home on a Park

If you are buying a park home on a park, you should be charged what is known as a turnkey price. This is a cost that typically includes the home, fixtures, fittings, furniture and flooring, siting and transport, commissioning for electricity and plumbing, skirting at the base of your park home, steps up to both front and back doors, a landscaped garden, parking space and even decking.

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There is government advice on buying a park home here:

Choose Your Location Wisely

Prices depend on the location of your park home. Those in popular areas and among sites of natural beauty such as the Lake District come with a premium. Those near waterways such as rivers, lakes or the coast are also dearer.

No Stamp Duty

It is unlikely that you need to pay stamp duty, so you can use the welcome extra money however you want.


Buying is an exciting prospect, but it is also a huge decision which you need to get right. You have to be sure that the park home and park are perfect for you. Do plenty of research on the costs involved and the location of the park, and make sure that your individual specifications will be met.