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What do you need to become a Top Supervillain?

With the UK economy in possible crisis due to Brexit, you may be worrying about your future employment issues. Well, have you considered becoming an evil supervillain? Let’s have a look at a few successful supervillains and see what is needed to become the very best…

An Underground Lair – A top villain would agree that an underground lair is probably best. It is easily hidden from prying eyes and, if dug deeply enough, will render you pretty much invincible from any attack. Of course, other supervillain options include (but are not limited too) an elaborate fortress or temple (as favoured by The Hood) or perhaps an underwater base – favoured by Bond Villain Stromberg and his henchman Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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Inside the Lair – So once you have your lair, you need to kit it out – use your imagination with this part! Many villains favour shark tanks with a handy trap-door above them for dropping in and destroying your adversaries, or any unfortunate henchman who has annoyed you that day. A lab is another great addition to a super villain lair, as it is from there you can create your deadly designs to take over the world! You may need a willing crazy scientist for help with this part.  Of course, the room where you spend most of your time needs to be the best room in the house, you will probably need office desks and workstations for your top crazy scientists, and a big leather chair for yourself. – Try to make the room as dark and intimidating as possible, you may want to decorate it with piles of gold artefacts, or if you are feeling super evil, the skulls of your victims!

Your Look – All top supervillains need a strong look – take the Joker, he is instantly recognisable as a villain due to his clown make up and crazy facial expressions. This tutorial will show you how to do the makeup. Doctor Evil on the other hand has decided to go for the bald headed and sombre grey uniform look – it is clearly shows that he means business! Some choose to have an animal with them, some have crazy moustaches and some smoke cigars but more recently you will see people vaping. If your a Gloucestershire resident then heading to a Gloucester Vape Shop at sites like https://www.lazyjuice.co.uk/

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Your Plans – Of course the main thing is your plans – whether you have a superpower or a super weapon, you somehow need to alert your arch enemy that you have this and intend to use it – so that they then can attempt to get you and you have to stop them – this is the pinnacle of all supervillains careers, so if you have superman, for example trying to get you, then congratulations, you have really made it to the top of your career!

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