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What colours to choose for your kitchen

Redecorating and revamping your kitchen is exciting especially if you have consulted with a Fitted Kitchens Norwich company to come and redesign the space for you. Once you have chosen your cupboards and appliances it is time to think about the decoration. You will need to consider the colours and finishes that you agreed with Grays Fitted Kitchens Norwich way for your kitchen units to find the perfect colour or pattern for your walls.

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Here are some colours that work well in kitchen spaces.

Yellow – a bright sunshine colours works well in kitchen spaces of any size. It is important to think about whether you prefer a pastel yellow across all walls or simply a darker yellow on an accent wall. Yellow can sometimes clash with certain wood tones so you should think about this carefully if you have chosen dark wood cupboards.

Grey – this has become an incredibly popular colour to be used on accent walls in kitchens and bedrooms. It adds a degree of luxury to the space and it is a colour that can work well with any number of cupboard colours and finishes.

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Pastels – although not a colour in itself, pastels in any colour work in a kitchen space and can give a cosy country cottage feel to your kitchen. You can mix pastels with deeper tones on an accent wall or perhaps use them for full coverage across all the walls.

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