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What are your rights with parcel delivery services?

When you’re waiting for that all-important parcel it can be devastating when it’s late, or even worse, doesn’t arrive! Try not to worry though, both the sender and the recipient are protected by consumer rights, which means you’re covered for loss and compensation should something happen.

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My delivery firm has gone bust

Don’t worry, if the company goes bust, as happened to City Link in 2014, the firm has to keep the depot open for you to come and collect your parcel. Some companies may even keep their online tracking tool available for you too.

My parcel still hasn’t arrived

If your expected delivery date has passed and you still haven’t received your package don’t worry. Your purchase contract is made with the retailer, but do phone the courier company first or use online tracking if available. If they’re no help, then go to the retailer who has a duty to find out where the delivery is and replace if necessary.

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It’s just too late, can I cancel?

If you have waited over 30 days for your item and it still hasn’t arrived you can cancel the contract and get a full refund. Again, remember your contract is with the retailer not the delivery service. If the lack of delivery is the fault of the parcel delivery service it’s up to the retailer to sort it out with their own subcontractor.

What are my rights as a sender?

If you’ve paid for a delivery service to get a parcel somewhere, you are protected according to the policy of the courier service. Generally speaking, goods will be insured up to a certain value, usually around £100-£200. If your parcel contains something of more value you may choose enhanced protection.

The best thing to do is to choose an established and trusted delivery service. Those looking for a same day courier in Birmingham should consider a local expert such as http://allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service/same-day-courier-birmingham who can guarantee to get your parcel delivered the very same day.

As a consumer in the UK, you are protected against loss or damage to your goods, whether you are sending or receiving them through a postal or courier service. Always check the small print of a postal service first so you know what you are entitled to.

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