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What are the biggest removal fears?

Moving home, famously regarded as one of the most stressful events of our lifetime. But which part of the moving process gets us the hottest under the collar?

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Two-thirds of Brits said that moving house was the most stressful situation possible in a recent survey, even more so than divorce or starting a new job.

Fearing the move – statistics

According to research conducted by Opinium, a recent survey of both homeowners and renters showed that the worst part about moving was actually finding a new property. Almost half of home movers were most afraid of this (49%), followed closely by the packing of their belongings as the second most stressful part of moving (40%).

Geography seems to play a part in the different results, with Scots in Glasgow and Edinburgh fearing the day of the move itself the most (44% and 43% respectively), while Newcastle and Southampton felt that moving day was less of a stress (32% and 33% respectively).

The limbo period between making an offer on a property and its completion was another source of dread for many home buyers as well, with almost one-quarter of those surveyed (23%) saying that the conveyancing process was the most stressful part of moving. Again, geography played a part in the differences, with Sheffield voting for this part at 33%, 23% of Londoners dreading it, and 20% of those in Manchester.

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Of those surveyed, the renters seemed to feel more stressed by the prospect of getting their possessions in order than homeowners, with 47% of renters voting for packing as the most stressful part of moving, compared to 45% of homeowners.

Finding a decent estate agent didn’t seem to have much impact on homeowners, with only 20% voting for this and only 10% of renters voting for finding a good letting agent.

Moving day itself was only voted by 36% of homeowners, while nearly half of the renting voters considered moving day the worst at 45%.

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