Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding Trends for 2018

Whether you’re marrying this year or early in2019, you’ll want to know what’s hot right now and what’s emerging, so you can have an on-trend wedding day. Here are some trends expected to gain momentum this year:

  1. Whatever happens at the Royal Wedding

Yes, 2018 is the year we see another huge, glamourous royal wedding as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot in style. The effects of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s is still being felt in the world of wedding fashion seven years on. It is being predicted that their affair will be slightly less traditional but whatever form it takes, there can be little doubt it will inspire wedding fashions for some years to come.

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  1. Restaurant and Pub Weddings

It is becoming increasingly popular to move away from the country houses and castle grounds to celebrate in your local favourite haunt. Maybe it could the place you both met? It’s a more informal way of doing things, allowing every to feel relaxed and at home. Perhaps it’s also a reflection of worries about the economy and scaling back just a little on the extravagance of huge, formal occasions.

  1. Animal Inclusion

It has been known for people to involve their pooch in the proceedings, but what about an alpaca or a donkey? For vets, pets and animal lovers everywhere – now you can include a menagerie of furry friends in your big day. They don’t have to be furry. Perhaps you want photos with peacocks, pigs or turtles? Just be sure your photographer has no objections or allergies! For a Kent Wedding Photographer, visit

  1. Bridal Capes instead of a veil

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional elegance of a veil, some super stylish capes have been spotted recently in celebrity circles. Solange Knowles and Serena Williams both wore beautiful bridal capes for their wedding ceremonies, so if you like the thought of looking a little different then this trend is for you. You can make a cape contemporary or vintage, choose full-length or short for a touch of retro-style.

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  1. Monochrome Bridal Bouquets

A splash of vibrant multi-colour has often been the focus of the bridal bouquet, to balance out the plain white or ivory of the dress. However, single-coloured bouquets do this just as effectively, if not more so. A single colour bouquet can also help set the theme or colour palette for the rest of the decorations and stops things from becoming too fussy. A monochrome bouquet can be dressed with lots of texture and a variety of flowers of the same colour, so need not ever be considered dull. An all-white bouquet can look incredibly chic if styled correctly, with the colour saved for the bridesmaids.