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Want to be in a new home by the New Year?

Do you dream of being in your new home for the New Year? There is still time, but you’ll have to be quick. Here are some useful tips to be in your new home by the time the fireworks are being set off to ring in January 1st:

  1. Use agents that have signed up to the most popular property portals

Make sure the agent or agents listing their property on major online portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla to give your property the highest amount of exposure and the opportunity to sell quickly.

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  1. Make sure your house is ready to sell

Often, there are factors that are outside of our control in the world of conveyancing. That’s why it’s important to get on top of the things that you do have control over.

Get started on the big clean today – from the attic to the cupboards in the kitchen – to prepare it for being put on the market. Once you’ve had a clear out, you’ll find it easier to give the walls a fresh coat of paint in light tones which are more attractive to buyers.

  1. Ensure the right price is asked

It is wise to choose 3 local agents to give valuations for your home. But do not just choose an agent who gives you the highest price. If you want your home to sell quickly, it should be priced according to the current markets.

  1. Choose a buyer who is also ready to move

You want to make sure that potential buyers mean business, so do your research. Ask how they plan to finance the purchase. Cash buyers are the best of course, but if – like many people – they need a mortgage, ask to see the Agreement in Principal. This is a document from the lender stating that, if everything is satisfactory, it will loan the money.

If your buyers are trying to sell their own home, be sure that they have received and accepted an offer before you take yours off the market.

  1. Get your documentation in order

Do not forget to get your own ducks in a row as well. Even if there’s no requirement to adjust the amount of your mortgage to move to the next house, you could very well need to apply again for the existing deal if you plan to move the loan with you.

This means getting all the relevant documents, such as your salary slips, tax returns, bank statements and employment contracts, prepared well in advance. It is also a good time to check your credit score and make sure nothing is hiding in it that could kill your application.

  1. Keep in close contact with your solicitor

Solicitors and conveyancers have a bit of a reputation for being slow when it comes to the legal paperwork involved with buying and selling – an area of law called conveyancing. So, choose the one that has been recommended. For a Gloucester Solicitor, visit a website like cash4day US

Upfront ask a lawyer if they will be able to work within the parameters of your time. Then it’s down to them to choose whether or not to accept the challenge.

On settling with a solicitor, request that they prepare all documents, like the draft contract, in good time. If all is set up and ready to go, a complete package can be sent to your buyer’s solicitor on the same day.

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  1. Shop around for available surveyors

Unless your next house is a new-build that is still covered by a warranty from NHBC, you will require the completion of a survey. Many surveying firms will be fully booked so get straight on the phone and check their availability.

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