Use fabric offcuts to make your own Christmas cards

Use fabric offcuts to make your own Christmas cards

Christmas is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. What better way to do this than by making Christmas cards for your friends and family. By making cards yourself, you can produce stunning creations which are one of a kind. Christmas can be a hectic time, but handmade cards often take less time and effort than you may first think.

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Making your own Christmas cards can also be a fun activity for the whole family to get involved with, and will be a great surprise for recipients. You could give them out when you organise your works christmas doo.  Why not look at the choice of Windsor Christmas Parties available on options including As you are in the creative driving seat, there are endless possibilities for how to send out your festive messages. Fabric is an ideal material to use and by making the most of your offcuts, you will also be finding a use for your spare materials. Upcycling your offcuts is also an effective way to help the environment. To get you inspired, we have compiled some top tips.

Create large motifs

Make a template and draw around it, to create a bold silhouette to feature on your Christmas cards. Shapes such as Christmas trees, gingerbread men and Christmas puddings can capture the festive theme perfectly. However, any shape can still create a beautiful effect and there are countless options. You can create a large motif to take centre stage or pattern your card with numerous shapes.

Frame pictures

Fabrics look sensational when used as frames for cards, and this design technique is particularly effective when surrounding a picture. Using a family picture for your Christmas cards brings a personal touch and is also a brilliant way to update friends and family who you do not get to see regularly.

Festive materials

Any fabric that you have can be shaped and moulded, to create fun Christmas shapes and patterns. However, using designer Christmas fabrics embroidered with festive patterns flawlessly transforms your cards into luxurious creations.

Buttons and sequins

Spare buttons and sequins need not to go to waste, as they add plenty of festive warmth to Christmas cards. Ribbons also make an ideal accessory and can even be made from fabric offcuts themselves.