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Transforming your home into an elegant oasis

In times of economic turbulence, many people are finding it preferable to stay at home rather than go out.

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An article in Vice states that millennials in particular have discovered that ‘going out sucks’ and many are opting to socialise, eat and spend time in the comfort of their own home rather than venturing further afield. For this reason, it is important to create a home that is relaxing and appealing to spend time in – both for the residents and their guests.

Here are some ways that you can design and furnish your home to make it elegant and classy while still maintaining its comfort and homeliness.


Lighting is an important tool in creating ambience, particularly in areas such as the living or dining rooms; in addition, the lighting units themselves can be used as dramatic focal points to enhance your interior design. Chandeliers and candlesticks will offer a regal, sophisticated visual point in addition to lighting a room, while fairy lights and paper lanterns can be used to create a feeling of cosiness in a snug or bedroom.

Finishing touches

In interior design, the devil is always in the detail. A hardwood floor could be improved upon with a luxurious rug, while a chaise lounge could be enhanced with some detailed scatter cushions. Touches of colour and pattern in otherwise neutral areas can really bring a space to life and add an eye-catching hint of detail.

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Textured wallpaper

If it is elegance you are after, something as simple as textured wallpaper can add a touch of lavish luxury to any room. Rich, deep colours and intricate designs will add to the feeling of a regal, stately home. Teamed with oak furniture and classic seating such as Lloyd Looms dining chairs from https://lloydlooms.co.uk/product-category/lloyd-loom-dining-chairs/, a textured feature wall in your dining room could create a space to entertain that is fit for a king.


While modern elegance is often associated with minimalism and neutrality, it is important to remember that this is your home and you want it to reflect your likes, lifestyle and personality. Invest in some art that can act as a focal point or use dramatic frames to display your own photos. Don’t shy away from personalisation – your home is your sanctuary and should incorporate the things you love.

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