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Top air based allergens

It is that time of year again where thousands of people spend their days sneezing, with itchy eyes and itchy throats. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it is Hayfever season! Hayfever is one of the few allergens that goes around every year. It can be a miserable time for those that are affected as they struggle to find ways to deal with its symptoms. There are of course other air based allergens and we will take a look at some of these. In order to counteract some of the symptoms that you may experience you can use antihistamines and an R Shield Scarf can also help to prevent the allergens from getting into your airways in the first place.

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Pollen – as we have already mentioned one of the most common allergies that is prevalent in the air is that of pollen. This often starts around April each year and can last until September. Throughout this period of time different plants will release high levels of pollen that can all affect the allergy sufferer. These include tree pollen and grass pollen.

Dust – many people who struggle with hayfever will also be sensitive to dust. This can be difficult to manage as dust is around everywhere. Many individuals will have very strict cleaning regimes to help reduce the instances of dust in their homes and will often carry antihistamines with them in case of a flare up.

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Pet hair – for others it is pet hair that will have their eyes streaming and their noses running. This doesn’t always mean not having pets but instead means regularly hoovering your flooring and upholstery with a vacuum that is designed specifically to pick up pet hair and to anti-allergen.

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