Top 10 ways to save on your Caribbean travel experience

Top 10 ways to save on your Caribbean travel experience

Are you heading off to the sun-drenched islands of the Caribbean? Are you thinking about the cost of living and how it will affect your travels?

Top 10 ways to save on your Caribbean travel experience

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Activities such as trekking and sun-bathing can be done for free in the Caribbean islands, but other expenses like travel, food, drink and lodging can soon add up.
Here are some top tips for keeping costs down on a Caribbean adventure.

Which Island?

Consider choosing an island like the Dominican Republic. According to the Guardian, this destination has something for everyone, particularly on a budget. There is a variety of accommodation options that won’t cost too much and can be found in some of the more remote parts. The prices of food and transportation are also a lot lower here.

Which Season?

Avoid peak season and travel to the Caribbean between May and December, which is considered their summer season. Rainfall may be slightly higher, but the prices can be as much as 30 per cent lower.


Cruising is a popular and more economical way of visiting the Caribbean island destinations of your choice. You can visit an island in a day, and all your food and accommodation has been paid for in advance.

Local drinks

When it comes to alcohol, local is best in the Caribbean. Rum and local beers can be up to 1/3 cheaper on the islands than imported brands. They taste just as good, too!


Haggling is considered normal practice in many parts of the Caribbean. Haggle over accommodation, taxis and at market stalls and negotiate for that all-important bargain.

Public Transport

The local bus service on most islands is mainly used by the locals, and it is very inexpensive. Look out for the colourful vans that link the towns.


If you are heading to one of the safer islands, it is sometimes possible to pay a small fee to camp on the beaches.

Eating out

Avoid the restaurants near the big resorts and cruise ports. Find a market and cook for yourself or try to eat where the locals do.


Choose an island that has plenty of regular flights in and out, and you will find the cost of getting there much cheaper.

Island Hopping?

Opt for a ferry instead of flying as this will be far more cost-effective.