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Top 10 Fictional Drinks We Wish Existed

We’ve all got a favourite tipple, whether it’s a pint of beer, a glass of wine or something a little more elaborate. From the ubiquitous G&T to the Dirty Martini or even an exotic and sometimes even rather rude-sounding cocktail, there are drinks that suit every mood and taste.

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But what about those drinks that you’ve heard of but will never experience? Here are the top ten fictional drinks that we would love to experience.

Top 10 Fictional Drinks We Wish Existed

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1. Milk of the Poppy

Game of Thrones fans will instantly be familiar with the name of this drink, if not the taste. Used throughout the books and TV shows as an anaesthetic and a painkiller, Milk of the Poppy is, as you might expect, morphine by another name.

2. Soma

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Soma is the drink of choice for keeping everyone happy and content with their lot. So basically Milk of the Poppy in another form.

3. Drink Me

We’re never told the ingredients of Alice in Wonderland’s bottle of drink, but since it shrinks her to a tiny size, we’re probably best off not knowing.

4. Duff Beer

The drink of choice for Homer Simpson and his pals, Duff Beer actually went on sale in Australia for a short time. According to the Daily Mail, it was rapidly withdrawn from sale due to fears that it was proving irresistible to minors. Doh!

5. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Straight out of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which awarded it the title of ‘Best Drink in Existence’, this is sadly too powerful for mere humans to metabolise.

6. Fizzy Lifting Drink

Who wouldn’t want a glass of this drink straight from the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? A drink that literally gives you wings, being so fizzy that you become airborne, this would be near the top of every drinking person’s wish list. Sadly, a quick glance through the internet shows that it’s not actually on sale anywhere – yet.

7. Ambrosia

Not the rice, but the food of the gods and also the vivid green drink of choice for the characters in Battlestar Galactica. This bright green drink looks a lot like absinthe, and now dedicated fans of the show can sample something that at least gets the colouring right. Check out The Geeky Chef for a recipe that promises at least the colour, if not the actual taste, of the real thing.

8. Miruvor

Lord of the Rings fans will recognise this one. Miruvor has healing properties, making it the perfect tipple to stave off a trip to your local A&E department.

9. Butterbeer

Beloved of Harry Potter and his chums, Butterbeer is slightly alcoholic with a faint tang of butterscotch. You can actually buy this one at Harry Potter World, but apparently it’s lacking in both alcohol and butterscotch so is a poor approximation of the real thing.

10. Moloko

As consumed by Alex in A Clockwork Orange, Moloko is dispensed from naked female dispensers and packed with illegal substances. This is a drink that wouldn’t be legal even if it could be manufactured.

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