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Tips for replacing your fascia and soffit boards

Many homeowners are choosing uPVC options when it comes to replacing or repairing their home’s fascia and soffit boards. The benefits of this material include being low maintenance, easy to install and highly durable. uPVC also comes in a range of colours to suit your property. Fascia are the boards which are mounted at the point where the roof meets the exterior walls of your property. It is responsible for supporting the bottom row of roof tiles and the guttering system. Here are a few things to consider when replacing fascia and soffit boards, whether you intend to complete the job yourself or hire a professional:

  1. If you previously had timber fascia which has rotted, make sure all the old timber is removed. You wouldn’t want to apply uPVC over the top of any rotten timber boards as this will trap in moisture. Trapped moisture could cause damage to your home’s structural integrity. The fascia and soffits are hard at work all the time, often dealing with several gallons of rainfall per day during a typical British winter! It’s easy to see how your old ones may have deteriorated over time.

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  1. Always use stainless steel screws and nails to avoid any discolouration. You can also purchase nails with a coloured top to match the colour of your uPVC fittings. For UPVC Fascia and Soffits, visit https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/
  2. A good idea is to remove the bottom couple of rows of tiles to ensure an easier and smoother installation process.
  3. On all edges, but especially south-facing ones, allow for a 5mm gap to allow for the material’s natural expansion in warmer weather.

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  1. Don’t put yourself at risk climbing up a ladder to access your roof. If you feel more comfortable, hire a professional to complete the job for you. Remember that your home is your investment, so you need to protect it. Don’t be tempted to use the cheapest company, as they might not be up to the job. You could live to regret making false economies when it comes to work relating to any part of your roof. The fascia has a vital job in carrying your gutter system to take the large amounts of rainfall that comes from the slopes of the roof.
  2. The benefits of uPVC include looking pristine for much longer than timber. uPVC fascia and soffits look smart and will add value to your home should you be thinking of putting it on the market.

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