Tips for keeping your home warm this winter

With the chance of snowy days and the excitement of Christmas, many people look forward to summer ending; however, many greet winter with a resigned sigh. Heating bills rocket during this time; shockingly, 70 per cent of household bills are the result of heating your home. Here are some factors that cause you to turn up the temperature and some useful tips to lower them.

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Having the heating set too high

Confusion about the optimum temperate causes many people to turn their heating up too high. By keeping your thermostat at 18°, you can save money; by understanding your heating system, you can set it to more suitable temperatures. The Energy Saving Trust is a great source of helpful advice.

Cold walls

External walls insulate better than glass, but they still let heat out. A simple way to lower these risks is to cover your walls. Mirrors, pictures and even posters can add an extra layer of insulation. If you are feeling creative, tapestries and carpets make even better insulators.

If you have a fire or heater, use this and put wooden screens behind you. Not only does this keep you warm but also it can add a Georgian effect to your living room.

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Ineffective double glazing

Double glazing in Gloucester is a necessity for many households, offering a permanent solution to lowering heating prices; in addition, it decreases condensation. While prices can be high, there are some excellent deals available from companies such as

Draughts from doors and windows

It is inevitable that doors and windows let in draughts. By using a door curtain, you can block the cold getting in. Put self-adhesive seals around your windows, which is relatively easy to do. Draught excluders are also a practical solution. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own.

Cold floors

If you have a wooden floor, you are more likely to feel the effects of the cold. You can place rugs in the coldest areas, adding an extra layer of insulation. If you do not want to clutter your living room with rugs, a permanent solution could be floor heating.

By taking a practical approach, you will lower your heating bills over a long period of time. This short-term investment could lead to long-term savings.