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Tips for a successful car boot sale

Engaging in your own car boot sale is the ideal way to clean out your closets, de-clutter and earn a little extra money.

They require a little time and effort, and you may not make as much money as you would selling on eBay. However, they can be fun, and they get you out in the fresh air for a few hours.

The following are some top tips to make your car boot a success:

Be prepared for the trip. Sometimes the best and busiest small car boot sales are further afield, so do your research and factor in the cost of fuel to get there. Compare the distance, start time, and “seller” charges to work out the best one for you.

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Get ready to be up at the crack of dawn. This type of sale is not for those who love to have a lie in on the weekend. Most times you’ll need to get up at around 5 am and be ready to queue for entry by 6am. Committed sellers will be there and ready by dawn, so if you want a good pitch, make sure you’re ready to get up early. Many car boot sellers do it professionally and require storage units to house their stock. For more information on Self Storage Highbridge, visit a site like Leakers, a top Self Storage Highbridge business.

Get ready to find some help. Having a helping hand has some clear advantages. The seller’s fee can be shared, you can visit the toilet without leaving your goods unattended, and also explore other stalls. Two pairs of eyes are also better than one when it comes to dealing with multiple buyers who might all descend at once.

Be prepared to be swarmed. The die-hard car boot veterans will amass around your vehicle and start perusing through your boot before you even have a chance to start unpacking the bags and boxes. They can be really scary if you are not prepared. Those who have never done a car boot before, don’t be put off, but be ready. Ensure you unpack your table first and leave the boot closed and locked while you unpack each bag and box.

Have some change. It is highly annoying to make a sale and then realize you do not have exact change, so are forced to take less for the item. Make sure you go with plenty of coins and some note because it is unavoidable that someone will want to pay with a note for something that only costs a few pence.

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Be prepared with bags. Most buyers are often not prepared, so come armed with some spare bags.

Be prepared to bargain. It’s not just buyers who are determined for a bargain. When you genuinely believe that you are selling an item worth a lot more than buyers are saying they will pay, stand firm and do not back down. If they really desire it that much, they’ll return and will be prepared to pay the full price.

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